The National

Symphony Band Of Colombia

The National Symphonic Band of Colombia came back within the framework of the current government’s development plan, with the purpose to promote the appreciation, creation and dissemination of symphonic band music and to be a vehicle to showcase the talent of the country’s musicians.

The group is made up of 55 musicians from 12 Colombian departments. The Band promotes professional development, the stimulation of the musicalization of Colombian citizens and the formation of audiences, through cultural programming at the national level, which influences the development of the band movement from a formative perspective.

The National Symphonic Band of Colombia aims to be recognized as one of the leading band organizations in Latin America, with international projection.

Our musicians




Purpose and Outlook


To celebrate Colombian cultural and musical diversity by stimulating the enjoyment, creation and dissemination of symphonic, popular and experimental band music, both in concert halls and in public spaces, and fostering cultural dialogue and the internationalization of national music in articulation with the Latin American and global community.

The Band promotes the professional development of the band movement and the diversity of its repertoires, formats and aesthetics, contributing to the musicalization of citizenship and projecting total peace from the mobile festival of culture.